Sunday, November 29, 2009


What an adventure this Thanksgiving has been! We have had so much fun with Kimball and Shelley visiting with us! We spent three days at Disney World, and then went to the Florida vs Florida State game on Saturday. Sam wasn't able to nap much at all, but he did really well all week! He takes the cake on being super busy and active, but for as busy as he is, he is also very happy and loving. He was hugging every little kid he could find at Disney! (Whether they wanted one or not, they got a Sam hug!) Disney was a lot of fun. Aaron really likes to do as much that is humanly possible at theme parks, so we were there until 9pm at night every night! Luckily, on Thanksgiving, we were able to find a Cracker Barrel that was still open, so we were able to still have a Thanksgiving dinner!

The game on Saturday was A LOT of fun! A lot of people laugh when they see us wearing Florida gear when we come visit, but here, you get laughed at if you are not wearing orange and blue! Floridians are crazy about their Gator Football! During the game, the jumbotron screen showed Sam 4 TIMES! After the game, we were walking out and people that were in a section above us were yelling at us to get our attention, and asked if they could take a picture of our little guy, since he was practically famous! Then, more and more people would walk by us and say, "Hey! Its the boy that was always on the jumbtron! We saw you!" We thought it was so strange that all of those people remembered Sam! After we had left the game, I thought that no one else would recognize him, but I was wrong! Later that night we went to the store, and a lady in the produce section said that she saw him at the game on the jumbotron! I think its time I get this boy an agent! :)

Sam, Aaron and Bethany at the game

At football games, usually someone in the crowd will bring a beach ball and toss it around the stadium. As soon as Sam saw it bouncing around the crowd, he got so excited and said "ball!" over and over, so we knew it wouldn't be long until he got the ball :) Here is Aaron, Sam and his game ball, and Shelley and Bethany

Here is a picture of all of us at the game, Kimball, Sam, Aaron, Shelley, and Bethany

Tim Tebow running a touchdown

We had a great Thanksgiving, and are so glad that Kimball and Shelley came to visit!


  1. Way fun!! I'm glad you had a great holiday. Sam is so cute.

  2. Sam is so cute in his jersey! I'm glad you guys had such a blast at the game. Too bad about the Alabama game though. BOO!