Friday, January 22, 2010

Sam's Stroller Adventure

Today the weather is beautiful! After a few weeks of chilly temperatures here, winter is over and summer is upon us once again. Despite the 80 degree weather, we had a heavy rainstorm yesterday, so today we thought we'd take Sam for a walk in the puddles. We strapped Mary (the girl I babysit everyday) in the stroller, and let Sam walk beside us. It wasn't long before Sam realized it was so much more fun for him to push the stroller himself, so we took them to an empty area of the parking lot at our apartment and let him push the stroller to his heart's content. He took his job very seriously and wouldn't accept any help from us. Luckily Mary didn't mind being pushed in the stroller by a toddler who aimed straight for huge puddles.

Every once in awhile, Sam would stop and pat Mary on the head, as if to tell her to hang in there!

This is quite the somber look he's got going! This was taken when it was time to head inside and he wasn't very happy about it.

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