Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sharks and Sunsets

As we have been exploring our new surroundings, we've come across some pretty neat places. This week, we went to the Fishermen's Village. It is right on the water, and if you are there when the boats come in from a day of fishing, the fish that they caught are displayed for all to see on the docks.
There is plenty to do in the village, including an Aviation and Military Museum that we visited. Sam loved seeing all of the war airplanes, and the kind folks running the museum loved Sam, so they gave him an American flag. It was pretty cute!

After we walked around the Fishermen's Village, we took a sunset cruise in the ocean. Sam LOVED riding in the boat. He was so excited! He found a boy on the boat and immediately went to his side, excitedly asking question after question.

Sam-"Hi! A boat! Vroom!"
Boy-"Yes, we're on a boat."
Sam-"See a shark?"
Boy-"Nope, no sharks."
Sam-"See a turtle?"
Boy-"Nope, no turtles."
Sam-"See Nemo?"
Boy-"Nope, no Nemo."

It went on like this throughout the boat ride. It was pretty funny to see him successfully interact with someone without me translating.

The other day as I was getting Sam dressed into a blue, plaid, button-up shirt, Sam said: "Cool shirt Mommy! A blue shirt! Cool!" This is the first time Sam has made any acknowledgement towards the clothes he wears, and I couldn't believe my ears when he said it. Is my toddler really growing up this fast? Yikes!


  1. He really is growing up! It sounds like he's talking a lot more since we've seen him! Canny sure misses Sammy! He was looking at your pictures and was sitting so still looking at pics of Sam. :)

  2. haha what a little stud! He's so adorable Bethany! And how fun for you guys to all explore, can't wait to do it with you!

  3. I wish Emery had never noticed what he he wants to wear the same shorts every day of the week! But it is so fun to see them be aware of their surroundings.

    It sounds like a great place to live. Enjoy! How are the people? Is there anyone that isn't retired?

  4. Cute! The museum sound really fun. Can't believe how much he is talking.