Thursday, October 28, 2010

To Infinity and Beyond!

Get ready, we've got LOTS of pictures!

Our ward Trunk or Treat was last night, and our little Buzz Lightyear had a blast!

After a long night of saving planet Earth, Buzz took a break to refuel with his friend.

This was taken right after he saw a Frankenstein costume that was a little too scary for him. He started to sob and hopped into my arms. Poor little guy!

These are some Mummy cupcakes I made for the party.

This picture is a little random, but earlier in the day Aaron was installing some ceiling fans, and Sam kept climbing the ladder to "help" daddy fix it. He loves being daddy's little helper!

And last but not least is a picture from the pumpkin festival last weekend. I tried and tried to get some cute pictures of him posing by a pumpkin, but I think he was tired of taking pictures, and this is the best one I could get. I think it captured his emotions pretty well, don't you?

Happy Halloween!


  1. OH MY GOODNESS! Sam is just SO adorable!!! I love his little costume, what a stud! He's got so much personality, i love the one of him with the pumpkins! Kobe does the SAME thing when i try to get him to eat, so funny! I can't wait for him and kobe to play together, so soon!!! Kobe kept coming up and looking at his pictures saying, sammm samm!! i love you guys! oh and yours and Aarons costumes were great! Cowboy up:)

  2. Bethany I'm so impressed with your cupcakes!! You have some baking skills I never knew about! Sam is just as adorable as ever. Love the Buzz costume~ We can't wait to see you guys in a few weeks. Warning- Cannon is the one who will be hitting probably. Gotta love this stage!! :)

  3. How cute! Thanks for keeping us updated as to your adorable family and your adventures! And yes, the mummy cupcakes were ingenious... my daughter Martha Stewart! Love you! Mom

  4. Funny costume. I love the inflatable wings.
    The last picture is so classic. I have quite a few of Emery looking so exasperated that mom wants to take another photo!
    You are such a cute family.

  5. Wow! Looks like you guys have been having some fun! Sam looks so so cute! As far as the last piture of Sam...he looks just like my boys do everytime I try to get them to sit for a picture! He is too funny! Love you guys!

  6. That is the cutest Halloween costume! Adorable. I love the picture with the pumpkins. Just think of how boring it would be if he stopped and smiled.