Sunday, May 29, 2011

Potty Training? Check.

I have heard many mothers tell horror stories about their potty training experiences with their children, so I have been dreading potty training Sam. Many years ago, I was a nanny to a brood of young boys. I was in charge of potty training the two-year-old boy, and after reading a book about it, he was potty trained in 3 hours. Having this experience, I knew that expecting the same results out of my own two-year-old would be too good to be true. So, my mantra has been to wait until Sam is ready. I knew that he would let me know when he was ready. Okay, are you ready to hear Sam's miraculous story?

3 days ago, Sam woke up from his nap, and the first words out of his mouth were, "Mommy, I want to wear big boy underwear." And ladies and gentlemen, that was that. There really wasn't any training involved, it was a decision he made, and he hasn't looked back since. I immediately said, "Okay Sam, lets go put on your big boy underwear." He goes in the toilet every time. He had one accident the first day, and that was all it took. He is even dry overnight and at nap time. I didn't think it was possible, but Sam was easier and quicker to potty train than the boy I nannied! He literally woke up one day and decided he was a big boy. We are so proud of him!

We got this trampoline for Sam, and we are so glad we did! It has mesh walls around it, so that when he does his crazy jumps he won't go crashing over the edge. It is an excellent way for him to burn some energy before bedtime! (If jumping on a trampoline isn't a true test of potty training, I don't know what is!)

I am 5 months preggo and am finally feeling great. I think I am officially over the morning sickness now. Its been a long time coming! I haven't really had any serious cravings this pregnancy until this week. P E A C H E S. YUM! I could eat them all day long, and in fact, I have been! :) Fresh peaches, peach cobbler, oh my word, they are heavenly. I have actually hated peaches my entire life, until this week, that is.

Well, that is us. Aaron and I have been so proud of Sam's bathroom success, and Aaron and Sam have been good sports about having peaches at every meal!

Happy Memorial Day!


  1. Go SAM!!! Congratulations! I'm so glad it went so smoothly for him. Now you don't have to worry about changing 2 diapers at a time. I'm so glad to hear you are feeling better and I'm so so excited for you and your little girl. I am also happy you found a love for delicious peaches. YUM

  2. Wow!!! That is really amazing. Way to go Sam! In a lot of ways it is really up to the child to decide. It is a good omen for things to come.

    I am glad you are feeling better. Little girls are the best, you will love it!

  3. Wow, that was easy! He is so grown up. I just got peach lip gloss at bath and body works- you would probably love it because it tastes like peaches. :-)

  4. what a big boy! i love that cute picture of him too :)