Friday, August 26, 2011

We're still here

It has been awhile since we have put up any pictures, but we are still here. We have been without a camera for a few months, so it has been tricky trying to document the life of our cute little guy.

But, we are all doing great. Sam is turning three in a little over a week, and he has been so excited for months. Seriously. He knows his birthday is in September, so for months he has been asking if it is September yet. He would get so frustrated at how long each month seemed to last, so he decided to put them each on time-out if they were taking too long. At last his long awaited birthday is on the horizon, and it is a BIG deal to our Sam Man. :)

Our newest addition will be making her debut in about a month and a half, and we are so excited! We can't wait to meet her!

Aaron is doing great. He turned the big 3-0 a couple of weeks ago and is adjusting nicely to what he feels is "old age." :)

Hopefully we will have a camera by Sam's big day to post some pictures, so stay tuned!

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