Saturday, July 11, 2009

Fashionably Late to Blogging...

We wondered when we would succomb to the peer pressure from the blogging world - better late than never! We aren't totally sure how everything works, but we will learn as we go I guess. We are hoping that this will be a better way to keep everyone involved in whats going on with us, as we are several states away from our family and friends!

We are all doing great! Sam is starting to uncover the mysteries of walking. It is fun to watch him become more and more brave. He is standing up on his own now, without holding onto furniture. If he knows that we are watching him and we praise him, then he will sit back down, so we have to pretend like its not a big deal that our little baby is learning to stand on his own! We try to be sneaky when we silently encourage him. Sam gets cuter every day, and we are crazy about him!

Aaron is really enjoying his first clinical rotation. He is working in pediatrics right now at a health clinic. With everything that Aaron is learning there, I think Sam will be one healthy little boy! Aaron saw a patient the other day with really bad tooth decay, so Aaron picked up a baby toothbrush and baby toothpaste on his way home from work and has been working hard at teaching Sam good oral hygeine!

I have been keeping busy taking care of Sam as well as a little baby girl. Her mom is in school full time and so she needs a sitter every day. It has been an eye opening experience trying to take care of two babies at once, to say the least! But I think it will be really great for Sam to have a friend, and help him learn to share. All is well here in Florida!


  1. you guys are too cute! can't wait to see adorable little sam!
    Love you so much!

  2. I've been wondering how it has been watching Mary. So glad you gave into peer pressure and we can hear all about what you guys are up to!! :)

  3. Glad to see your new blog! That's great that Aaron is enjoying clinicals!

  4. Cute blog, Bethany! I love the purple and cute pictures of Sam :) I'm pretty sure Kyle and I are now the only people without a blog!


  5. Hooray bethany!! And your blog is super cute....very impressive for a first timer. hah.
    Hey, Emery said he loved nursery today and talked about Sam being there. I hope he was good for you. The girls missed you today in YW.