Tuesday, July 14, 2009

More Pictures!

We posted some more pictures! The first two are just pictures of Sam being cute today. There is also a picture of Sam and Mommy swimming at Manatee Springs. It was a pretty area, the water is 72 degrees year round (a little too cold for my taste!). Manatees are known to swim a lot there, luckily we didn't run into any while we were swimming! Then there are a couple of beach pictures, we try to get to the beach as often as we can since we've only got one year left here! The Gulf Coast is definitely our favorite, the water is a lot warmer, and the sand is softer.

Sam is learning to be nicer to Mary (the baby girl we babysit everyday). At first he was getting jealous, but today he tried to share his favorite toys with her. His intentions were sweet, but he kept trying to drop his heavy toys on her, so my reflexes have sharpened in order to save Mary from Sam's "sharing." :)


  1. So I wrote a comment and it disappeared. I love your blog. It's way cute and I'm so excited you have one now. You guys have a ton of fun in Florida.

  2. Wow sam is so darn cute! He's getting so big, and so much hair! Love you guys so much! Give sam a juicy big kiss for me!

  3. He is such a handsome baby! You guys are great to go on so many adventures with him.