Tuesday, September 8, 2009

One Year Old!

Sam turned ONE on September 5th! I can't believe how fast time has gone by! He had a super fun birthday party with his friends at a splash park, played in the water, and ate too much frosting. :) Our family is in town, too - so he has had a blast with his cousin Kobe!
Sam had tons of fun with his friends at the Splash Park, but this one of him and Kapri was too cute so I had to post it!

Daddy and Sam eating way too much!

Frosting overload! This picture was taken right before we sang Happy Birthday to him, and during the song, he threw up all of his frosting! It was pretty funny, but sad for his little tummy!

This is the birthday cake that I labored over extensively! It is a train cake, and Sam loved it!


  1. The train cake!!! I love it! It turned out so good! That picture of Sam and Kapri looks like they're high-fiving each other! Haha! So cute!

  2. I cannot believe he is already ONE! Aww... I miss you guys so much!

  3. Aww... so cute! Good job on the cake! I love the one of Sam with frosting all over his face. Happy birthday Sam!!

  4. Happy Birthday Sam!! He is growing up so much, I hardly recognize him. Cute cake too!

  5. oh my! sam is growing up!!! and very creative cake btw! :-)

  6. Did you make that? holy cow, that's an awesome cake. Good job B! by the way, your little man is so cute :)