Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sam loves playing with his cousin Kobe - and we love matching their outfits! They have been having a blast together!

Sam constantly runs everywhere, and so we are working on teaching him to hold our hands before he runs off. Its a work in progress :)

My sister Brittany took this picture, I love it!

This was funny - we took the kids to LegoLand at Downtown Disney, and Sam quickly found a box of Legos that he wanted. He took it off the shelf and pushed it around the store until he found the stroller, and then he tried to push it up onto the stroller. I told him that we have to buy it first, and, I'm not kidding, he pushed it right to the check out stand without any directions from me! He is one smart cookie! Or he just knows what he wants!


  1. I love the butt shot! Haha! They are too cute! Can you believe the age difference and still the same size! Holy cow! Hahaha!

  2. I also love the little bums, it never gets old. Too cute. I cannot believe that Sam is a year old already. The last year has been such a blurr. We need to get together soon. Hope all is well.