Saturday, October 24, 2009

Trip to Utah

We came out to Utah for the weekend to attend Aaron's Grandfather's funeral. It has been really nice to visit with his family and to have Sam play with his cousins. Here is a family picture of us at the funeral - Thanks for the picture, Kimball!
We attempted to get a picture with all four grandchildren with their grandparents, it is pretty tricky trying to get four wiggly boys to sit still for a picture! From left to right, Sam (13 months), Trent (5 years old), Cannon (3 months), and Owen (2 years old) with their grandparents, Kimball and Shelley.

We took the boys to Gardner Village to ride the ponies and visit the petting zoo. They had a blast! Here is my sweet baby with a sweet baby lamb.

Here are all four boys dressed in their Halloween costumes. Sam is a pirate, Owen is a monkey, Trent is a race car driver, and Cannon is a giraffe. Cute!


  1. It was nice to visit with you guys while you were here in Utah! Maybe now you'll know who I am when I comment on your blog haha and if not, I'm Gavin's wife :) Your little family is adorable. I had fun watching Sam run around and love his big grin.

  2. Hey I am glad you made it back okay. I hope the funeral was a nice experience. Sam sure is adorable...I love that smile in the first picture. Too cute.

  3. I am so glad we got to see you guys, although briefly. Trent is still talking about Sam and how much Trent loves Sam and that Sam loves Trent too. He informed me on Sunday that he is the "baby entertainer" and loves making the younger cousins laugh. I am really excited to see you for Christmas.