Saturday, October 3, 2009

Mild Case of the Measles!

Hello! It has been awhile since we've updated our blog - our computer broke! We finally got a new one, so we will be posting pictures shortly. In other news...our poor little Sam has the measles! I started noticing spots a couple days ago, and they started to spread all over his body! So I took him to the doctor yesterday [ coincidentally, he picked out 101 dalmations to read while we were in the waiting room...I think he saw some similiarities between him and the puppies :) ] Anyway, the doctor said it was most likely the measles. Oddly enough, Sam was vaccinated for it a week or two ago, and so the Doc said that since it was so recent, he was still vulnerable to it, but protected enough that it wouldn't be painful for him. So, in the meantime, he said to keep him out of public - which, to be honest, won't be hard for me to do since my child is covered head to toe in red spots!
Last weekend we went to Disney, and we had a blast! Sam's favorite rides were "It's a small world" and "Pirates of the Carribean." My favorite was the "Haunted Mansion" but I think Sam found it boring because he fell asleep in the middle of the ride! Aaron loved Winnie the Pooh when he was a kid, so he made sure we took Sam on the Winnie the Pooh ride. Afterwards, as we were walking through the gift shop, Sam went straight to the huge stuffed Winnie the Pooh bears, and grabbed one under each arm. They were bigger than him, so they were both dragging on the ground, but that didn't matter to Sam, he made a beeline out of the store and ran down the road! People that were standing by yelled "Run, kid! Run!" It was hilarious! After we chased him down and returned to the gift shop to give back the stuffed bears, he would only let go of one, he had a death grip on the other one that no one could break, so we ended up buying him his Winnie the Pooh bear.
Sam is one wonderful little kid. We are crazy about him! I think he is going to be an early talker, he is constantly jabbering away. The word he is currently working on is ball. He says 'bah' when he points to a ball. Its a work in progress...someday he'll attach the "L' sound to it! He has turned into a little bird when it comes to eating, most days I can't get him to eat hardly anything! At his doctor's visit, he was measured to be in the 80th percentile for height, but only the 39th percentile for weight. I know its normal for kids to not eat much sometimes, but i would feel better about it if he had some extra cushion. Lately, the only way I can get him to eat is if I give him a standing ovation after every bite! If cheering him on is what it takes for him to get some meat on his bones, then so be it!
I promise we will post some pictures soon!


  1. I miss you guys. I bet Sam is learning so fast. I can't wait until Chloie can have a cousin around that is her age. You guys are so cute.

  2. Wow the measles. Poor you Bethany!!! I hope that Sam is feeling better and that you enjoy your quarantine. Frankly it could be kind of nice. I love the gator pics and the Disney pics. Looks like you guys had such a great time. Such a cute family!

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