Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Utah Trip!

Hello from Utah! We made a quick trip to Utah this weekend, and have had a wonderful time. Sam has really enjoyed playing with all of his cousins! On Saturday we went four-wheeling at the sand dunes, and Sam loved it! Here is a picture of Sam - he wanted to be just like Daddy on the four-wheeler. Luckily we had a much more mild version for Sam to ride :)

Here is Sam, Trent, and Owen playing on the train.

Sam had his first hair cut today! The Rasmussen's neighbor and friend, Rowena, was so great to cut his hair. She has quite the set-up in her house with a salon-style sink in her home. Miraculously, Sam laid back and let her wash his hair without moving a muscle.

Shelley added a booster seat to the chair, and we were in business! After he was bribed with jelly beans, he sat very still during the hair cut. He was all smiles!

This is the finished product! After a quick trim, his curls became even curlier! Thanks Rowena!

We love you Rasmussen's! Thank you for such a wonderful trip!


  1. So cute!!! It was great to see you. As always I wish we had more time. Isn't is crazy how our kids have curly hair? Where did that come from? :) hee hee Brandon really liked hanging out with Sam in church. He says he's a funny kid. I hope you can move closer to family out here but Georgia offers could really change your life. Good luck

  2. I love the new hair cut! I am glad that you had such a fun time in Utah. Can't wait to hear more about it.

  3. You came to Utah and didn't say hi????!!!! Jk, I understand, family, time-you can only do so much on trips. I love Sam's curls. I don't know if Jack will have them (it's looking more fuzzy straight) but I don't want to cut his hair for a long time. I'm glad you had fun, let me know where ya'll are gonna end up!

  4. I still can't believe he let Rowena cut his hair! It was really fun to see you guys.