Monday, May 31, 2010

Boiled Peanuts

We had a lovely weekend. My idea of a perfect Saturday morning is meandering through the Farmer's Market, searching for the best produce. After we loaded up on our favorite fruits and veggies, we came across a man selling boiled peanuts. Living in the South, we have had many different cultural experiences. Often on the side of the road, we will see people selling fresh Georgia peaches, homemade pies, BBQ ribs, fresh catfish, etc. We have sampled many of those things, and have come to love these "southern delicacies" - however, we always avoid the people selling boiled peanuts on the side of the road. So, when we walked by the man selling hot boiled peanuts at the Farmer's Market on Saturday, we tried to pretend we didn't hear him telling us about his special "Cajun Boiled Peanuts," but then he said the magic words... "Free Samples!" My wonderful and frugal husband can't pass up a free sample, so he tried some but said he only had a dollar in an effort to not buy any. But the man insisted, so he scooped out a dollar's worth of boiled peanuts out of an old cooler filled with dirty brown water and soggy peanuts into an old grocery bag, and gave it to Aaron. The man smiled and said that he had a feeling that he just created a customer for life. Not a chance!
Anyway, the point of that long and winded tale is that our picky eater Sam loved the soggy peanuts, and ate them by the handfuls. And now he has food poisoning. Coincidence?

After our trip to the Farmer's Market, we went on a really beautiful hike. The scenery was gorgeous! There were hundreds of stairs, and Sam was really enthusiastic about jumping down each one for the first ten minutes, but he was losing patience towards the end.

Sam's latest sentences:

Sam: You ready?
Me: Yes, I'm ready. Are you ready?
Sam: I ready! Yeshhh!!!

I have a feeling he overheard Aaron and I as we were frantically getting ready for church that morning.


  1. So sad for Sam to get sick. I don't know if you read this blog or not cuz it's weird that someone else posted about boiled peanuts the same week...REALLY, it's weird. Anyways, she has a recipe (if you need one, but what does it take to make them really right?) So here ya go:

  2. I just saw that recipe too!! I was looking at her website and just saw it. Funny!