Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Boss

Today our Stake was fortunate enough to have Elder Russell M. Nelson speak at our Stake Conference. We arrived at the meeting early to get a seat, and Aaron and I took turns taking Sam on walks in the hallway to get some of his wiggles out before the meeting started. When it was my turn, I took Sam to look at the paintings of Christ on the walls. While we were looking at some paintings in an empty hallway, Elder Nelson walked out of an office right next to us. He smiled and shook my hand, and then I introduced him to Sam. Elder Nelson asked "Are you The Boss?" to which Sam replied by smiling coyly. In our brief encounter with an Apostle of God, he managed to sum up Sam in two words. The Boss. How fitting.


  1. What a wonderful experience! Something you can tell Sam about for years to come! Kind of gives having to walk the halls with Sam a different perspective... "oh the places you'll go and the people you'll meet..."

  2. So COOL!! I was remember the other day when we went to that Marjorie Pay Hinckley conference thing for my Social Work class and President Hinckley came in unexpected and how cool it was. That's really exciting B. Hope you are having a great day. BTW, our kids looks adorable in this pic, like a baby Gap model ;)