Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Knight in Shining Armor

Sam has renamed himself a knight in shining armor. He put this outfit together entirely on his own, and I think its pretty adorable. He has a red bucket for his helmet, a sword, his horse, and cape. All week he wouldn't leave the house without this entire outfit. :) Oh how we love our cutie pie!


  1. Funny kid. You are a nice mom for letting him take along all of his toys. I must be a meanie. Maybe it is because my kids only like their stuff until we get to the car, and then it all comes off. Needless to say our car fills up with toys quite quickly!
    I have been thinking of you guys lately. I always love to see what is new. Do you remember that Angelina Ballerina book you passed along to us? Well it has been the favorite around here for the last 2 months! I know all five stories by heart. So thanks, it is a winner.

    Much love.