Tuesday, March 22, 2011

As cute as it gets...

*Sigh. This picture just melts my heart. We went to Disney with Aaron's family during their visit, and you could not find a child more ecstatic about being at "Disneywordorld" than this cutie-pa-tootie you see pictured above. We waited in lines to meet each of the characters, and each time it was Sam's turn, he would run straight into their arms and give them each the longest hug. Mickey was even privileged to receive a kiss on the cheek!

We had a great time with Kimball, Shelley, Nicole, and Camille. We love to have company visit!

Sam is 2 1/2, and he amazes me with how quickly he learns things. Lately he has been interested in all things space-related: astronauts, rocket ships, etc. He has even learned to identify several planets! Yesterday he was looking at my wedding ring on my finger and said "Daddy gave you that ring? Is it like Saturn's rings?"

Last week Sam had a BIG accomplishment... He learned how to ride a bike! His little legs pedal so fast, he just zooms down the street. The only way to keep up with him is to ride bikes with him, so lately we have all been riding bikes together as a family, and it has been so much fun. That is definitely my favorite part of the day. A couple days ago we thought it would be fun to ride our bikes to the park. It was about a 3 mile round trip ride, and Sam did great! Towards the end he needed a little help from Daddy, but we were sure proud of him!


  1. Gosh what a darn cutie!!! I love that picture so much :) He is so darn adorable, and so smart too!

  2. Aww, what a sweet picture. My mom showed me a video of Sam riding his bike... That is amazing! What a big boy!

  3. Love it! Cannon can't wait to see meeska mouse! He loved watching the video of Sam playing baseball my dad took. I think we watched it at least 30 times!! He just kept saying "Sam baseball!" over and over. Hopefully they'll get to see each other in a few weeks.