Sunday, November 27, 2011

Baby Blessing

Sweet little Ruby was blessed today in church, and some of the Rasmussen clan came into town to be there for it.

We have been driving in the car a lot lately on various outings with the Rasmussen's, and it has made for some interesting adventures with Ruby and Sam. Here are some funny things I want to remember:

(Ruby bursts out crying)
Me: Sam, why is Ruby crying?
Sam: Um...because I poked her eyeball.

(Another bout of crying from Ruby)
Sam: Mommy, Ruby is feeling sad.
Me: (Looking back to see Sam's hand in her carseat) Sam, are you rubbing her head?
Sam: (Smiling sweetly) I'm plugging her.

Sam tries really hard to be a sweet brother, and he cracks me up with his 3-year old logic.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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