Sunday, December 18, 2011

Two smiling children sitting on Santa's lap? Yeah, it happened! Sam is so excited for Christmas this year. He can't wait for Santa to visit. Whenever he is asked what he would like for Christmas, his reply is always the same: "The biggest dinosaur ever!" After much searching, Santa will be able to acquiesce this request (thank you Target sale)!

Sam has been playing T-ball, and L O V E S it. Every Saturday morning we drag ourselves out of bed way too early so that we can take Sam to his T-ball practice, and then to his game. We usually have to wake up Princess Ruby from her peaceful slumber in order to make it to baseball on time, and I have a feeling that this is the beginning of a long road ahead of taking little sister along to various sporting events of Sam's.

Ruby is such a doll! I can't believe how blessed we are with such a sweet tempered baby! She is so sweet and happy ALL of the time. She wakes up only once at night to eat, and she goes right to sleep afterwards. She has never cried at night, and she rarely cries during the day. We are so grateful for this beautiful little baby! She just had her two month check-up, and she is about in the 80th percentile across the board. She is ~23 inches long and 11.4 lbs. It is so fun to see her smile and start to laugh.

Sam adores his little sister. He asks to hold her all the time, and tries to be so gentle with her. He kisses her forehead about a thousand times a day! We are so thankful for our two beautiful children.


  1. That is such great news. I'm so glad life is beautiful. Merry Christmas.

  2. Wow! What a priceless photo! I hope Sam gets a huge dinosaur for Christmas!